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So when Chris Paul gets fined $500K 🏀, is that before or after tax 🤔

Something I’m noticing everywhere as an adult in Sri Lanka are the tautologies. The motto of one of my favourite restaurants, for instance, is “Time tested traditions”. Can you have a tradition that isn’t time tested? 🤔

Listening to Australian Liberal pollies on the radio after the drubbing - do we need to go along with their narrative that this is all about Turnbull? Of course they think people care about their local MPs. They want to feel important, not widgets to a party. Is it reality tho?

One of the simplest pleasures of living in the tropics: each morning crack a king coconut into my drinking bottle before I leave the house. Ice cold coconut water throughout the day 😀 54D1894E-C999-4877-97D0-E3F44A6BB4EA.jpg

Considering the amount of “slow news” startups that have launched or been backed considerably by the public, have any major outlets launched a product of their own? If not why? There seems to be demand.

My new Sinhala textbook is full of interesting word choices 71C4E147-CE75-485C-85CA-06558FC175E2.jpg

If the voters (of #Wentworthvotes and elsewhere) were really rational they would see the only way to continue to receieve attention from politicians is to vote for an independent and force the major parties to try win you back every election.

Makes me feel very safe taking bajaj’s everywhere 3354ACD1-4840-4E60-A3C2-A098F62FBE0E.jpg

The difference in how the state treats cannabis and opioids remains mind boggling… 46C33098-4950-4F3E-94E5-69156592D371.jpg

Reading old Wired articles is thoroughly depressing. All the references to flash in the pan ideas and products that you’d jump on in a heartbeat if they were still around.

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Blowing up the government to save it…

Good work Straya

“We have little, if any, evidence to show that the political preferences of teenagers are any more irrational than those of adults” 🤔…

[Pakistan’s] “Supreme Court has shown it can stand up to politicians. Now is its chance to show it can stand up to the mob, and the deeply ingrained prejudices mobilizing it”…

The eyes are a window into performance? 🤔…

Great piece on The Athletic about the mental side of basketball and giving former lottery picks a second chance…

Just realised there’s also a Sri Lanka cricket match this evening so today is probably a writeoff 🏏

Ten minutes until the NBA season!!! 😀😀😀🎉 🏀 (pre-emptory commiserations @harrytuckerr)


New self portrait

Going to visit temples today. But I didn’t want to wear jeans so I now have an awesome sarong 😀

Love that Oz is debating whether someone’s right to live peaceably can be disrupted by someone else’s Firmly Held Belief™…

German word for when you follow someone who follows someone who just did something to be proud of.

Amazon needs a “slow delivery, please take your time and ensure warehouse workers have adequate toilet breaks” option when you check out.