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At what point do we get any company that even thinks about our private data to chip into a permanent identity protection subscription for everyone?

Sitting in a lovely space but struggling to finish reading this bio of Ho Chi Minh 😅

Starting to wonder whether Americans tourists sign some kind of contract when leaving their country, promising to speak as loud as possible during their trip. Having spoken directly to none in the hotel, we could probably take a decent stab at drawing their family trees and writing all of their bios

Not the happiest with this scribble, but I had to keep drinking cocktails to buy time to finish it. And my motor skills definitely weren’t the same at the end 😅

Less than 30kms to go in the final overnight train of the trip :(

Bought so many stamps the post office ran out 😂

Escaping the Huế rain in a lovely bar :)

Rain rain go away

Rain rain go away

I do not understand why someone would start a blog (fantastic! more please!) in the 2020s and not include an rss feed…

Good morning from the sleeper train somewhere north of Huế

Last full day in Hanoi :(

Temple of literature also lovely. Especially in the heat. Hanoi is just great generally imo

Water puppet theatre in Hanoi is amazing

The more I travel the more baffled I am at how terrible fries/chips are on average in Australia (soggy/undercooked etc…. also stop calling thick cut chips “fries” ffs.), and the more convinced I am Australia has the best plug point design

Had another crack at a watercolour postcard of Hạ Long Bay

I need an “Unsubscribe from all marketing emails” option that comes into effect - with no action on my part - before companies send me any unsolicited email.

“Western landscape paintings depict the object, focusing on realism and imitating nature, whereas Eastern art recreates impressions, offers more expressiveness, and depicts the imaginative.” 🤔…

List of things the book has outlasted…

Interesting banner flying on the outside of the Ukraine embassy in Hanoi

Beating the heat with coffee

Cruising around Hạ Long Bay today

Putting aside that the headline here seems to have been wrong, this cover is such great visual storytelling/visual analogising

I was in Cambodia about to go to Vietnam in 2020 when borders started shutting. Finally made it today!

Rainy day at the botanical gardens